I Look Into my Reflection...

March 16, 2008
I look into my reflection as my hands are pooled with distilled water. Nerves run my veins with irregular rhythm as the bathroom's conversion counter had seen me multi- times throughout the hour. I rotate paper towels on my face as I try to absorb my used pooled water. "Flight Two-eleven will be arriving in 20 minutes" volumes through an overhead speaker. Time isn't on my hand but I can't forget the sound of planes which is provided when 20 minutes is divided by 2. So I take exile as I house a seat next to the lead gate. I turn to fate as time tells my heart to wait just a little more like the feeling of full consumption when there's a last piece left on a plate. Reading over memorizions with text messages and via emails, I smile because my cost for happiness has not been bought on retail. On another note, the distance between us is a limitation but the feelings we have for each other is a demostration of need. A distance that has caused us lovers to be known as distant lovers. I think about what to say when I see her but I feel like my words will be the same as if her plane was still above us. I've begun to feel her presents already as if I'm not alone because with her my house can finally become a home. Feelings understood from sight as without warning I see Flight Two-eleven make its view through the port window that stands in front of me. I pace quietly as I still don't know what to say but as each passenger appears my fears double in thoughts of her absentince. Clinching onto the last call for hope, my heart which I've grambled starts to fail as the plane's exit is being closed. I shut my eyes with disappointment and I turn to walk away for I also turn away from fate. But then.... the words WAIT WAIT WAIT is yelled from my last direction. So I look to see. But no words could explain what I saw and no dream can picture what I've imagined. . she smiled and I smiled back.

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