The Power of Dreams

March 16, 2008
By Nicki Bautista, Danville, CA

The heavenly stars were set ablaze
as she dashed into the night,
The icy wind whipping her dark chestnut colored hair around her small pale face,
Her emerald eyes wide open,
Thousands of emotions running through them simultaneously,
Her panic and pure terror continued to drive her forward,
Into the shaded wood,
As her heart and mind raced in unison,
She could feel strange new tendrils of strength pulsing through her fragile body,
Rising and falling like powerful waves,
She wondered where this exhilarating magic had come from,
And why she was running into nothingness,
She could feel that the curious power was hers alone,
But she couldn’t control it,
It was both terrible and fantastic,
And beautifully destructive,
Sparks of crimson flew from her fingertips knocking the strongest oaks down like mere dominoes,
Out of the corner of her eye a cloaked figure came in view,
There was a flash of pure white energy,
Then total darkness,
As everything around her faded into a familiar setting,
She awoke in her bedroom,
Realizing it was all a dream.

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