As it Gets Colder

March 15, 2008
As it gets Colder our heart's get warmer, the heart builds with love so it gets stronger. As the snow drops down from the sky, Some what snowflakes drop down from my eyes. Love comes unexpected just like snow, sometimes it comes quick sometimes it comes slow. Just because you cant see love does'nt mean it does'nt exist, love can be found in the smallest kiss. Every kiss is differnt but never the plain, just like snowflakes there never the same. When im cold your love is all i need, your the reason my hot chocolate's so sweet. All i ask for for christmas is you, there isn's no gift that can love me like you. You always put a smile on my face, Your heart has more gift's then santa's sleigh. Every day your all i think of, And thats how i feel about our december love.

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