March 14, 2008
It was a normal day
So far
I enter the bathroom of the restaurant
And hear a deep raspy voice
“Get back in the stall!”
Fear shoots through me like a rocket

I turn around and fear strikes me instantly
As I realized I was eye to eye
With the barrel of a pistol
It was silver and black, shiny, and small

He forces me into the stall
And onto my knees
Shivers, goose bumps, and fear rushes through me
The sound of the gun cocking sends shivers through me
It was a feeling I have never experienced before
A feeling of fear fills me
Causing my heart to pound against my ribs

I feel the metal gun against my neck
It is freezing from the bitter winter air
My eyes are shut tighter than ever
As my palms are drenched in sweat
Fear rushes through me like a rocket

He empties my pockets
He takes my phone, all my money, and my wallet
And in return leaves me with nothing
Except a feeling of defeat

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