As He is Lowered Into That Dark Space

March 13, 2008
As he is lowered into that dark space
i feel the anger boiling inside me
rising like mercury on a hod day
even at last glimps of that white box

I can still feel a presence of anger
But the reality of what happened
hits like a bullet out of a chamber.
He's gone and i was to pissed to realize

It's dark i feel alone and afriad.
I feel small like an ant against the world
I see things moving in the darkness.
I tell myself that it is just a dream

Although i cannot seem to awake
Im backed in a corner with no escape.
That shadow starts to close in on me.
I call for him but their is no answer.

I look up in despair just to give up.
I see a beam of light that is so bright
I loose sight of my attacker in time
to notice he cant see that blinding light

I look to see who is making the light.
Then suddenly i see a out reached hand.
I can hear a voice from behind the hand.
But i cannot hear what he is saying.

I can tell my fear overwhelms me.
like a title wave crushing a surfer
i close my eyes just trying to forget.
Then I hear what that spin says to me.

"Mijo do not cry and dont be afraid.
I will always be here for you, promise. so long as you focus and promise me
never quit, never let anybody stop you"

Hearing this i absorb it like a sponge.
Then i find myself able to stand up
I then fight the overwhelming darkness.
Once again i am blinded by that light

Although waking to that darkness i left
I cannot help but cry, although i feel
I feel protected like never before
my own personal Guardian Angel

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