There is So Much No One Knows

March 13, 2008
By Diana C, Irving, TX

There is so much no one knows,
So much that no one sees,
About the way I feel inside, my thoughts and all my needs.

Maybe it’s that they don’t look,
Or the fact that I don’t show,
Either way, there are things inside that no one seems to know

I want to show the world.
I want everyone to see.
All the thoughts and ideas that are inside of me!

Maybe you don’t even notice,
Or maybe you don’t dare,
To find out who I am or to show me that u care.

Im screaming on the inside,
But a smile is what you see,
Still I am no happy with the person I seem to be.

There’s a different person in the inside,
That I just can’t seem to show,
But maybe if you took the time,
That person might show up.

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