Why Stay Shut?

March 13, 2008
By Janice Serrano, Worcester, MA

"WHY STAY SHUT?!?!?!?!"

Do something you fool
Opening your mouth that's what's cool

Worry about what WE think
Because WE'RE the one's who clean the ink

That stain your soul recieves
Not that person who cares and never leaves

Your side because they try
To be their best at times failing but its fine

So how can you tell me
Tell me what to do when 100% you can't see

See why I keep shut
People judge when they don't even know what's up

You assume if I recieve a little push
Its like me falling off a cliff into a burning bush

That's you on the outside
But do you understand I need that little push to fly

You think like a little kid
Because again your vision is limited

See your friends come and go
But choose wisley friends that influence you to grow

Not encourage you to fail
Fail to make your life a great fairytale

I call it a fairytale why?

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