What True Love Is

March 12, 2008
Several years have come, and gone,
your true love, just presses on.
Through hard times along with memorable times.
The longing for one another goes on.
Far or near, it goes on.
Your true love can only be felt by you and your beloved.
It's something almost magical; but yet, it's not, it's true love.
This true love can't be broken.
It's like rain, it will always come falling from the sky and hit the ground.
This love is filled with surprises.
Like spring and flowers, showing everyone their beauty.
It's not just a feeling.
Love is a passionate desire; full of adoration.
It is a devotion to your beloved.
And theses two people are bonded by love; by God.
It is such a wonderful relationship that flourishes, a love that shall grow stonger.
But love is tender and must be handled carefully and full of afection.
So hold onto true love.

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