Is It Ok?

March 12, 2008
By Samantha Cronrath, Gilbersville, PA

Is it ok?

For me to cry
for me to hurt
to be afraid
to be scared .

Is it ok?

For me to be like this
so weak
unable to hold my head up
unable to pick myself up
to be so un-prideful

Is it ok?

For me to break away
to stop being what you see
who I'm told to be
for me to be weak

Is it ok?

For me to show fear
to be human
to say that I'm not ok
for me to not smile

Is it ok?

For me to breakdown
to beg
to cling on to you
to say I need help

And is it ok?

For me to say what I need to say
to scream
to kick
to hit
so I can make you see that I need you

Is it ok?

Can I make it ok
can we make it ok
sigh, if only it was ok.

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