Darkest Day

March 12, 2008
When i look at you,
my brain shuts down,
and all i know,
all i remember,
is what had happened,
on that one single day.
I remember it so clearly,
so very clearly indeed,
then when my eyes replay the scene,
i start to slip from my body and mind,
and when i start to slipout of time,
two words rip me from my trance.

The words i'm sorry were whispered form your lips,
and you give me a pitying look,
that fits those words,
but then how do i know,
that i wasn't just a doll,
a doll that you saw could be used.
Though i want to believe you,
that the words you spoke,
were honest and true,
and not a piercing fib,
for the feeling of being decieved,
is a great one indeed.

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