Roses (Rose)

October 12, 2011
I dream of dancing in rose petals under the stars
With the one guy who will heal all my scars
The one who will sweep me off my feet and take me away into the night
I long for his soft touch
And I'm wishing to just sit under the stars with him
Until the sun rises in the pale morning sky
I want to feel his arms around me
And know for sure that he'll never lie.
To know that he will be with me until the last roses die.

The moon rises and I gaze at the single red rose,
The one that lies at my feet, the one that declares his love,
As a single tear falls from my eye,
I know for sure that his love for me will never die.
"Forever and always" is the promise he made
I looked in his eyes and knew his love would never fade,

The rose at my feet proves everlasting love exists
And in his eyes I see my own love reflected back at me.
He smiles down at me and I hold onto the night wishing
That dawn would never come I want to stay wrapped in
This moment forever and fall asleep dreaming of a blood red rose.

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