Midnight Angel

October 12, 2011
The sand hurts, biting into the bottoms of my bare feet
sinking into the skin like razor sharp teeth
but as I stare out to sea
the pain just washes away with the tide
I stand, waiting for total darkness to come
but the moon shines down reminding me that life goes on
My heart is breaking, I'm ready to let go
but will someone save me or
will I crash to the bottom of the hole
that I'll soon call my home
Can love still save me or am I
too far gone to be saved

A single star falls across the sky,
and I feel a hand on my arm,
I turn and look into the eyes
of my true love, blue like the sea
and yet as he appears
the darkness vanishes and I
know that he was sent to love me
He is my midnight angel.

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