Diversity- A Dog's Tale

October 12, 2011
By Najla Brown BRONZE, Tequesta, Florida
Najla Brown BRONZE, Tequesta, Florida
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So many cities and so many towns,
All filled with different hounds.
Small dogs, big dogs, skinny and wide,
So many types; for a favorite it’s hard to decide.

Some of these dogs are very healthy;
It’s mostly because their owners are wealthy.
But some dogs are badly beat;
Sometimes they have to live in the street.

Pooches go out for a walk in the park,
While others are locked up and left only to bark.
Some limp along, cold, hungry, and alone,
When some are safe and cozy in their home.

Working dogs work to pay their way every day and night,
But for the wild ones, getting their food is a fight.
Some dogs are like children, getting jealous when one gets love and care,
While others get abused and scared.

Whether from breeders or pounds,
They all communicate with similar sounds.
A whine, whimpers, snarl, or growl
The proudest owner knows their bark and howl.

No matter the breed; they seem to stick together,
Even through worse or better.
A dog is a man’s best friend,
And their companionship will never end.

Either sporting , terrier, toy, or mutt, what a variety!
A special friend for each member or society.
Each one offers a different tale,
Nothing like the wag of a dog’s tail.

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