driving with leslie

October 20, 2011
By cclaud BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
cclaud BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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I agreed with this article. For a lot of new drivers, it is very scary to drive on big roads with
lots of other drivers and lots of other things too look out for. I can really relate to this
because i started driving on the main roads with my father in a small 4 door car that i could
lift up myself, it was that small. I was driving to Toledo and to Ft. Wayne on Interstate 75 and
24, which are very big roads. For me, this was extremely scary, especially in a small, 5 speed
stick shift car. I soon became familiar and more comfortable with the roads and with the car
and started to enjoy driving. I’m still not used to my father yelling at me and jumping down my
throat if i turn out into an intersection when there is a car coming and he has not said that i
can go yet. I do think this is a dilemma in Ayersville because a lot of kids have been getting in
accidents and i think that they could use some more driving experience before they go out on
their own.

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