October 11, 2011
By Anonymous

Beauty is the quantity that people love
It is the feeling between lust and desire
Fatal attraction between one another
Love might be gone but her beauty is still there
Beauty when she was deliver in the hospital
When her mother put her arms for the first time
When she say her first words Mama and Dada
Her first laugh and her first cry her eyes was feel with passion
Her first day at kindergarten the first day at school
She started to grow up to become someone special
A special girl that started to become more beautiful everyday
Her spirit was feel with love and compassion a free spirit
She started to grow she became involved with liars and deceivers
Told her that they love her but really don't
Just wanted to get whatever they wanted from her
She was filled with pain and hurt but she still was beautiful
Beauty that turn into deceit
When she became involved with drugs
Drugs that cause her life ti be mess up and miserable
Such free spirit but it's now been drained
She was the most beautiful girl you can ever saw
But the liara and the devievers took it all away
Now she is resting in the grave from overdosing from drugs
This beautiful girl would always be missed
But she is in the sky in a better place

The author's comments:
I know so of the beautiful girls that headed or going to headed that road and I wanted to help them not to go in that track that is full of liars and deceivers

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