the key to life

October 6, 2011
By thierry45 SILVER, Daytonabeach, Florida
thierry45 SILVER, Daytonabeach, Florida
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always express the way you feel.

Life lets people in and run around in it
Life is good but can have a verdict
Life is raw and sometime scum age
Life is stupid but it still has its usage

Where life takes you it can be good
And where you end up that’s understood
The key to life is to watch your back
Or you’ll get hurt did you get that

Don’t just prance your way that’s just stupid
That would be idiotic and even crocked
The best thing for you is to follow life as it goes
Don’t let anybody in that you do not know

Follow and learn that’s good to do
When life moves you do it too
Never let people know too much about you
Or you’ll be crushed and look like a fool

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