January 3, 2008

We go through it everyday, whether we know it or not.
It doesn't have to be physical,
But mental is well deserved.
Some can handle it better than others,
Some just give up and let it take them away.
It then causes more pain,
To those in which are close to you.
The tears come,
Running down your face like rain.
I can't handle but feel the same.
I thinks it that we're close enough,
Enough to feel the same,
Enough to feel the pain.
It makes me down inside,
I hope its the same with you.
I hear the sighs and weeps and cries,
There's something not right
And I don't like it.
We talk about the bother,
But the sighs and weeps and cries
Just keep pouring out.
It goes on for hours,
But we let each other go,
Its just something needing sleep to overcome.
The sleep helps.
The sighs and weeps and cries stop.
The stress goes away,
But the memory never leaves.

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