Live life to the fullest

January 3, 2008
Live life to the fullest,
Love everyone,
Hate few,
See everyone in there true form,

Have a best friend who caries and makes you who you are,
Have millions of friends but know everything about everyone of them,

Have a brother who cares,
Have a loving and hardworking mother,
Have the best golf coach and the best dad.

Be able to admit when you have failed,
Never stop trying,

Never let your guard down,
Never be afraid to have fun,
Stop and listen to the world once and a while,

Be a sap for love stories,
Dream like no tomorrow,

Keep secrets from those you don't trust,
Give compliments often,
get hyper fast even when you haven't had sugar,

Have inside jokes,
Pretend your still in 2nd grade once in a while,
Be curious about everything,

Know when you have gone to far,
Always be hopeful and leave the rest to destiny.

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Juliaa(: said...
Feb. 2, 2011 at 3:42 pm
i love this! this is pretty much my lif in a nut shell! i play golf have a brother have TONS of friends and still act like im  in 2nd grade! this poem explains me(: lol
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