Finding Love

January 2, 2008
Finding Love
Love can not be made or bought,
sold or sought
in any of the ways we as mere children once thought
Alert me if you find it then,
bright and vibrant,
warm and courageous,
and simply wonderful in every meaning of the word
For I lost it, I need it, I enjoy it, I receive it,
but I never quite found the peace that supposedly accompanies it "This will certify that the above work is completely original."

To Have Dreamed
Dearest dreams of the night,
fill my heart and mind,
Dream of a silent house suddenly filled with laughter
Dream of laughter suddenly filled with love
Dream of love suddenly defined as your image
Dream of your lips touching my own
Dream of your arms around my body
Dream of your hands caressing my face
Alas is not love itself only a dream?

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