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October 17, 2011
By LexiHarville BRONZE, Paducah, Kentucky
LexiHarville BRONZE, Paducah, Kentucky
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Once upon a time,
there was a magical pony,
her name was Sarah,
and she was no phony.

Sarah had LONG rainbow hair,
it fell down to her silvery hooves,
She was desperate to find a pair,
But she never could.

She thought she was alone,
alone in the rainbowie world,
she was happy here,
but she wanted a friend,
maybe even more.

She set out on an adventure,
to find her true love,
this could be her destiny,
maybe it was.

she walks through the magical forest,
“Where are you going dear friend sarah, the magical pony?”
all of her friends ask,
“Im going to find a friend, maybe a love, another magical pony is what i am searching for!”
She replies and they all look puzzled.

“Wont you get lost?”
her friends ask puzzled ,
“Maybe so, but if thats what it takes i guess ill wonder.”
She sets off on her journey,
not hoping to get let down,
she keeps her head up,
and off she goes,
into the magical unknown.

As she walks through the forrest,
all she sees is trees,
magical trees of course,
what other kind would there be?

There is a russell in the bushes,
what could it be?
a squirrel perhaps?
maybe a bee?
she goes look to see,
“It is nothing..
How could that be?
I must be crazy.
no, id never be crazy,
not me.”

“Im a magical pony!
cant you see.
i could never be crazy..
how can this be?”

Sarah yelled with all her might,
she will never find another pony.
Cant you see?
Her happiness is not in check,
Magical ponies are never upset.

She buries her face into the grass.
she lays down,
She takes a nap.
Soon she will awake.

Later she awakes,
she rolls over and looks up,
she doesn’t see the sky,
And shes not sure why.

Until she heard this voice,
it came from not to far away.
she turns around to see an unfamiliar face.
another pony.

“Are you ok?”
it asks with a smile on its face.

“yes, i think. but i must be imagining things because there’s another pony.”
The other pony looks at her and helps her to her hooves.
“Your not imagining things. Im a magical pony cant you see?.”

she is suprised and looks at the other pony again.
“yes, i am here. im not an imagination”
He was a magical pony just like her,
they fell in love.

They walked into the sunset,
side by side,
they go to graze by the magical trees,
and time goes by.

Sarah was a broken magical pony,
but now shes whole,
until another adventure comes to a stroll.
She might not be so lucky,
but she got what she wanted,
She was happy.
Forever more :)

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