Brand New

October 7, 2011
By Aegis PLATINUM, Monroe, Michigan
Aegis PLATINUM, Monroe, Michigan
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Man, I've never met people so fake

I'll never believe what kind of people a clique can make

At the smallest mistake

Then I would insinuate that you will have initiated the hate

My, god, people willing to do anything to get to the top

Shallow people have no limits to which friends they'd drop

Trying to be cool, trying to be sweet

I swear, children,adults, freshman and seniors alike don't know when to stop

People have to shout: "I'm real!"

Trying to to earn some kind of appeal

Man, I've never seen anyone so fake

I shake my head, muttering "For god's sake"

I'll never understand why people forget their own

Whether if its f---ing, drinking, or running around gettin' stoned

Do they ever think about the real friends they forgot

As they walk past, they say: "I guess not"

You'd be surprised at what people a clique can make

And i swear I've never seen people act so fake

I wish i never knew you

Because you always trying to act so brand new

The author's comments:
This is another piece I wrote I think last month. Basically, I was sick of my many "friends", the people who wear many different faces and chose to show you what they want you to believe. So, with a lack of trust in a specific two "friends", I wrote this in their honor.

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