O Teacher! My Teacher!

January 2, 2008
By Kaitlyn Sanstrom, Essex, CT

O Teacher! My Teacher!

O Teacher! My Teacher! Our ghastly day is complete,
The classroom has endured the long day of bellowing school children,
The bell is near, the cheers I hear, the students are blissful,
While their eyes are on the clock, the minutes tick slowly away,
But O Heart! Heart! Heart!
Books fly into the air,
And land on the floor where the teacher lies,
Fallen hard right of the desk.

O Teacher! My Teacher! Come up and hear the cries,
Stand up, for chalk is on the board, and answers are screamed out,
For you apples on your desk- for you the halls are filled,
Here Teacher! Dear Teacher!
The heart beneath your head!
It is a nightmare that on the floor,
You’ve fallen cold and dead.

My teacher does not answer; his lips are insipid and immobile,
My friend does not feel my fingers, his face white and unresponsive,
The bell has rung; the school day is finished and ended,
The terrified trails the victor classroom comes in with object won,
Thrill O school, and ring O bells,
But I, with mournful stride,
Walk the classroom my teacher lies,
Fallen to his doom.
Kaitlyn Sanstrom

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