"Don’t Build Your Nest Too Deep"

January 1, 2008
"Don’t Build Your Nest Too Deep"
(An English Sonnet)

Upon impermeable concrete, snow
Keeps melting, freezing, through the ice and rain.
And though we were just infants long ago,
So must we move and live and grow and change.

Sometimes, I wish to take a harder look
Into the eyes of those I thought I knew.
One day, something within them stirred and shook
And changed them, yet it seemed this much was true...

The sons of soldiers grow up standing tall,
While dancers’ daughters dream and bend through time.
And love still seems to find them, through it all
Collide and finally complete their rhyme.

So let your hatchlings fly so they may roam
And maybe, someday, they’ll return back home.

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