Why I write

October 13, 2011
By JazzyLovesMB SILVER, Accokeek, Maryland
JazzyLovesMB SILVER, Accokeek, Maryland
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Live everyday like it's your last.

I am insecure 
but you would never know
sometimes uncomfortable in my skin
I put up my walls cant let you in.
I love deeply
I speak freely
I hide my emotions 
nope I don't show them.
I am always happy
cant show my sadness
you may think its madness
to hold so much in me.
Sometimes I breakdown
Sometimes I cant take it
Sometimes I cry when I've made a mistake and
Sometimes I have to let it out
so thats what I write about
I write to set me me free
I write because I believe 
I write what I feel
I write what is sealed
inside my heart
inside my soul
I think its time to let you know
why I write...
I write to share my words with the world
I write to let out the frustrations of being a teenage girl
I write to show people that I AM worth something
I write to show you that I AM somebody
I write to show them I have the power to change things
I write because I want to create
a new world far away from this place
where everyone looks and acts the same
where its a crime to be different
I just cant explain how much this world has changed
how much pain I overcame
to get where I am today
to not be afraid 
to just live my life everyday
to rebel against society and not be the same
I write to get away from the troubles I deal with everyday
away from the pain 
away from the place where everyone always has to "fit in"
the place where its impossible for me to win
the place where I am always wrong
the place where sometimes I'm not strong enough
to handle it when times get rough.
I write to escape to a place where I am safe
where I can speak my mind freely
a place where I can believe in anything and everything
a place where everyone is not the same
where everyone is different
a place where everyone loves each other
no anger no crudeness
no sad faces no rudeness
just love and equality
yep thats where I wanna be
I write to set me free
I write because I believe
I write what I feel
I write what is sealed
inside my heart
inside my soul
this is why I write....

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