October 13, 2011
I asked an old women what the secret to life was, she stammered in thought then she looked up at me and smiled, She told me to sat down cause this would be a while.
She talked about the good times when a coke was only a nickel, she laughed and she constantly giggled.

I saw tears in her eyes as she started to tell me about how one day dark clouds came rolling in and the wind was rough on old tin. She started talking about her husband, and how he was so mean how he beat and controlled their lives. She said she took it cause she was his wife. My eyes started to tear up at the thought of this sweet old lady being beaten and used. She soon smiled and put that cute little grin on her face.

She whispered the secret to a good life is like glass, even when its broken you can pick up the pieces. When it's shattered think of those who matter. Throw it in the trash and get a new glass...

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