The Understanding

October 6, 2011
By Brittany Jones BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Brittany Jones BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Love isn’t just an emotion.

In any case it’s an action,
Which few of us fail to understand
And then we wonder why we end up
Heartbroken or giving up on love.

I admit without shame that I used
To be one of those people but I have
Learned from my ways and corrected them.

This causes me to get ridiculed and thought
Of as a foolish girl trapped inside of a
Fairytale waiting for prince charming to show
Up confessing his dying love for me at my

But what’s worse having an over active
Imagination and believe in something as rare
As love or having no hope for anything spectualar.

I feel like being dull and not living life to
Its fullest is the worst thing anyone can do,
Even through stepping out can get you hurt.

Still it is better to have loved then to not love at all.

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