I Am in Love With Him

October 5, 2011
I know that your leaving
I didn’t want it to be true
I just wish it didn’t have to be this soon,
And I just wanted to tell you a little secret
So you will never forget me!!

I love the way you put your hair
Because you just don’t care
I love the way you walk
O it makes me gawk
I love the way you dress
Because your not trying to impress

Today might be the last time I ever see you for years
Of course I will be in tears
Your what keeps me up at night
Your what wakes me up
I love it when we talk at night
I love hearing your voice
I know that we could never be together,
So just hear me out

I am in love with you I wish you felt the same
I am in love with you
You’re my hearts desire
Its breaking my heart that your leaving
Because your going away
I will never forget you
I hope you never forget today
Because today is the day that I say,
I just wish you felt the same!!

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