April 3, 2008
So dad…I’m fourteen, growing up fast huh, pretty crazy, im in high school, and im finally getting good grades...are you proud of my yet…dad?

So dad...i quit cheer academy this year, mom couldn't afford it anymore, but thats okay i made varsity for the school team, i'm cheering at the friday night football games, just like you told me i would. Are you proud of me yet…dad?

So dad…were not doing to good down her, mommy’s working three jobs, but I’m trying my best, just like i promised are you proud of me yet…dad?

So dad...I made a new friend this week, she told me i was nice…are you proud of me yet…dad?

So dad...I saw a little girl playing catch on the field with her dad today, remember when we used to do that, i tried so hard to score a home run for you, i can catch the call now...are you proud of me yet…dad?

So dad, you died today, its been six years and i remember every second of that day, everything said, every place we went, I didn’t know what was happening, are you listening to me…,dad?

Don’t worry dad, i pray for you every night, do you pray for us, dad?

Don’t worry dad, things will be okay, just like you promised and y you couldn’t break that too dad, could you.

Don’t worry dad, these tears are of joy, im happy your happy, I just miss you, ya

But dad...i just wanna know why do bad things happen to, are you proud of me yet, she said you'll never be proud, well that’s okay dad, I understand can I still call you dad...sir.

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