I'm sorry

September 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Clearly gathered mist,
so transparent that I can see thru the other side.
Become the well-being glasses for a frogs, a squirrel and owl
to observe the world in the better sights.

Moistly gathered fog,
thoughtfully and tenderly hydrate the whole world,
slightly and delightfully create many lives in the nature.
Becomes a pure ,still powerful pillar for every life
by supplying, protecting and loving.

Allow me to smell the nature more deeply,
Allow me to see the nature more innocently,
Allow me to love the nature more profoundly,
Allow me to embrace the world more admirably.

I wonder,
what if you get hurts
when crashed into pieces
by harsh grounds or stiff umbrellas.

But, I hear
“We’re ok; we’re very happy to be absorbed into grounds and help you all!”

Give the world a wide array of vitality and mirth
end up to disappear
when the scary sun comes out.

And there’s nothin’ I can do for you.

I’m sorry, raindrops.

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