Missing puzzle piece

October 11, 2011
By smileyface96 BRONZE, Tifton, Georgia
smileyface96 BRONZE, Tifton, Georgia
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Do you miss
us or the trust
that we had in you or did you forget
everything we've all
built to keep you
safe, and happy

when happiness
was all we missed
because it was your
choice to betray our trust
even though we gave it all
to you or did you forget

the forgotten
pictures of happier
days when we all
spent together never missing
a piece of the trusting
family unit you

use to be apart of but your
gone now, not forgotten,
but gone not trusting
myself to feel happy
without you here, Im suppose to miss
you and all

of your faults that we all
held up for you
for so long yet missing
you is something I wish to forget
and rewind to happier
days when I could trust

you and you could trust
me with all
your secrets and happy
dreams that never seemed in your
reach, you must of forgotten
to keep trying which ends with me missing

you and all the trust we use have in the old you
We all weren't meant to fall apart or lose a piece but you've forgotten that too.
She wont be happy without you, oh how mom misses you.

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on Nov. 4 2011 at 3:28 pm
Cheerleader97 SILVER, Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania
6 articles 1 photo 4 comments
This is amazing and I really am thakful for the help you gave me on my one article, maybe you chould check out some of my other work some day to give me more pointers I would really love that.  Thanks so much and you are an amazing writer I loveyour writings so much I can't wait for you to post more so I can read them.

on Oct. 21 2011 at 9:11 am
ArtFanatic1695 SILVER, Wheeler, Texas
7 articles 3 photos 8 comments

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"Can't is negative so think positive"


Your a really good writer. Thanks for the pointers. You might check out some of my other works too.

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