April 2, 2008
By Kevin Tucker, Solon, OH

I remember once, on a vacation long ago, dawn arrived on the coast
of the Gulf of Mexico, at Tampa Bay.

Along the beachfront the sky turned a pitch black, crushing the
bright hopes of each visitor, to enjoy a day in paradise.

The wind began to gust ferociously against the swaying palms.

Towering waves, 40 feet in height, tumbling and crashing
onto the shore, only to collide with the sea once more.

Flocks of seagulls flew for their lives far, far away.

A solitary young man
stood on the shore, testing his strength
against the wrath of Nature.

And what was it that stood
in this beast’s way?

I mourn and grieve
at the vision
of the destruction
at Tampa Bay.

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