Call it my arrogance.

October 9, 2011
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Maybe it was the swagger in hips
Or the way i licked my lips
That attracted you to me,that made your judgment slip
Maybe when you got with me it was my kiss
That made that made your eyes lull with bliss

But what you couldn't see with those beautiful eyes was that you were falling for me.
An you were falling fast but you didn't see it
That with every kiss i threw your heart into a fit

That with every day were apart your soul became mine just a little bit more
Deep down you know that you are mine down the the very inside core
That one cruel word an i could send you too the floor
That i was the key to the lock of the door
Of that ticker in your chest the addiction you wanted even more

Call it my arrogance
Blame it on your wording
Your eyes
Blame it on everything i am that makes you despise me
Because i have the addiction that made you fall in love but you haven't had the chance to see
How hard you fell me
Call it my arrogance but i seen it in your eyes
I seen it in your kiss
I felt it in your touch i read it in you texts
That you fell in love with me
an i know that you hate it

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Aiden said...
Oct. 15, 2011 at 7:32 am
this is epic. i love it!!
FangPoet replied...
Oct. 17, 2011 at 9:04 pm
Thank you so much,if you could give me Oppinion on my other  work I would be greatly appriciated.
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