Broken Promise

April 2, 2008
By Alyssa Smith, Hamilton, TX

You say you're sick of living like this,
And it's one of the few times you're honest.
Bitterness has replaced the hope in your eyes.
I miss that hope;
You're too tired of life to believe in anything.
(But honey, everyone's tired of something.)

You wish you didn't have to go on,
And I'm really worried about you.
You promise you won't leave me,
And I believe you.
I just hope you don't break my trust again.
(I don't want you to run away from life.)

You've always been good at running,
And I resent you for that;
I'd love to leave this behind, too.
I'm not that strong; I'm not like you.
But you don't exist anymore, do you?
(You never were good at keeping promises.)

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