I Come From...

September 30, 2011
By Anonymous

I come from Rickquell
A loving, kindhearted, nurturing single mother
Who was willing and able to raise 3 kids
By her self
With me being the oldest and making bad choices
She never gave up on me
She just always taught me to do better
I come from a lovely family
Who sticks together and our motive is to
Which means pray until something happens
A family that cares about one another
And stays loyal to one another
I come from 2 siblings
A girl and a boy
One 10 and one 7
Funny, kind, athletic, friendly and creative
Who looks up to me
As a role model
And always try to follow my footsteps
Who knows no matter what
We go through
I’ll always be there to protect them
I come from myself
Kind, active, funny, athletic and silly
Throughout my 16 years
Was taught and raised
To believe and achieve
And that big dreams lead to big things
And to stay
Loyal and true to myself
Before anybody else

The author's comments:
this piece is about where i come from and how i live

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