The table

September 29, 2011
By Annalise0800 SILVER, Junction City, Kansas
Annalise0800 SILVER, Junction City, Kansas
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I’m here inside my new room

I can smell these weird smells it’s like

my tail is itching but I can’t reach it

it smells like

Lemon, peaches, apricots.

Dogs, foxes, and deer

never come to see me anymore

Hold on somebody’s coming in

And plop a plate is on my back

Don’t you hate it when you’re interrupted while speaking?

Ok he’s gone but I’m hungry

The food is right on my back might as well since it’s here

Eww peach pie but that’s what keeps me alive

My tail is still itching but I can’t quite reach it

I wonder if people know I’m still alive?

I guess not since they always ask

Where is my food?

Where did I put my plate?

You know I’m a pretty good table

I’m unique

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