October 8, 2011
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I woke up in a dark and cold, quiet place
How long was I sleeping? At the least it felt like days
I started walking, searching, but fell without grace
I gave up, looked around, I am surrounded by haze

Suddenly someone came, someone looking for me
And I was surprised, a bright light I could see!
(S)He told me (s)he's a friend, a good friend (s)he would be
So again I was moving, but now hope is with me

For a long time we traveled, never stopping, not resting
'' 'Cause through this you'd succeed,'' hope was always saying
'' Don't give up, don't feel down, even when you're alone
Just keep trying, keep praying, don't worry of what's yet unknown''

In my head, I hear those words, every night it would play
''Keep moving, keep going,'' it's everything that I say
I'm dauntless now to just sit here and lay
By moving forward I'll get through the day

Then I saw a group of people with their heads on the ground
Their eyes full of tears, their lips making no sound
I knew they needed hope, something that I have found
So I smiled to myself, glad that I've been around

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