The One Special Day

April 1, 2008
By Stephanie Linton, Phoenix, AZ

That one special day
At first my sky was gray
Then changed and I prayed
It would never change back
I was in a haze

So hypnotized by her shining smile
I couldn’t get enough of his style
I would rearrange my life just for you
In my eyes it was just us two
No matter what we went through

I thank god each day
Each day wishing you always will stay
Stay in my arm and never stray away
Spending our last days
Together always and forever

Feeling my heart skip a beat
Taking the high street to love
I place no one above
And I give you all my love
With every kiss taking a hold of

You bring me so much happiness
Your love I can’t refuse
I need you in my life
Because you are my life

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