There is Nothing Worse

September 24, 2011
By runninggirl98 BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
runninggirl98 BRONZE, Hinsdale, Illinois
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A strange sight for most eyes
But not for those pairs
Sounds of blood curling cries
And sights of despair

Terrifying chains
Are tied to a post
But what is on the restrains
Is what pains him the most

Eyes as big as the sea
Are afraid of his gaze
All they want is to be free
And to forget these days

As he looks around
At this horrific place
He starts feeling drowned
By that innocent face

He thinks of his job
And why he is here
His eyes start to throb
As he picks up his gear

He cautiously advances
On those eyes full of fear
Taking his chances
As he slowly comes near

As his hand finally touches
The innocent thing
He carefully clutches
What he must bring

He thinks of what was done
In this awful place
He thinks of the dogs that won
And those who didn’t keep pace

The only thing that makes him happy
Is that he is there to help
Though the dogs may be snappy
He will never yelp
He thinks of what would have occurred
If he hadn’t arrived
Nothing would have deferred
Would the animals have thrived?

As he looks around
At this terrifying sight
He decides there is nothing worse to be found
Than a dog fight

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