One Dimensional

March 31, 2008
By Mallory Conder, Heath, TX

An ideal image
A measure of meaning
An unattainable desire
Too fast, the breaks are lost, and no one even fathoms to find them.
Just a taste, a fleeting frenzy of weakness
Less meaningful than a kiss
More intimate than a hug
Flawlessly beautiful in theory,
Yet shallow and grotesque in actuality
Waves of thoughts, eruptions of emotions,
Confusion and guilt interlock their bony hands,
While tenderness and ease slip their delicate arms around the other’s slim waist.
Influenced never forced
Loved never liked
Together in the most cautiously causal terms
And still isolated more than a delinquent in a starched straightjacket
Seas of faces swarm all around
Yet no one can hear the continual crash
Crash of the sultry waves upon the desperate, desolate shore.

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