The Girl I Love

March 31, 2008
By Juan Francisco Arreglado, New City, NY

I never thought this day would come,
The girl I loved, who was the one,
Had turned away to another Sun,
She left my heart in the frigid air.

I cannot tell if he’s a lucky guy,
A filthy thief, or dirty spy,
But he left me just to say goodbye
To the girl who has my love.

I remember all the laughs we shared,
I knew I felt the love in air,
I took a breath of that air we shared,
Yet I’ve held that breath ever since.

I should’ve gotten my timing right,
And on the perfect day and ideal night,
I would’ve held her soft hand tight,
And told her that I love her.

Now every night I can only dream,
And everyday I can only scheme,
How she and I will make a perfect team,
I believe that dreams come true.

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