March 30, 2008
By Brittany Ely, Durham, NC

My sister makes me happy
Sometimes she makes me sad
But without her, I would be lonely.

My sister makes me laugh and is fun to be around
Sometimes she can be annoying
But without her fun and laughter, life would be a bore.

My sister gives me joy like the sun
Sometimes she gives me anger like the rain
But without it, my days would be the same and the rain wouldn't wash away the pain.

My sister is my guided light,
Sometimes that light flickers when we face the dark
But without her, what seems to be the worst, would become a nightmare.

My sister has the design of a creater, the mind of an Einstien
Sometimes her creative thinking overshadows my talents
But without it, my ideas would be as plain as water.

My sister has the voice of an adviser
Sometimes her words make no sense to me
But without them, I wouldn't be able to understand life.

My sister has the hands of a warrior; the strength to fight any and everything
Sometimes she fights me
But without her tough love, I wouldn't understand right form wrong.

My sister is the lifeguard at poolside; she is there to save me from the raging waters when I am about to drown
Sometimes she saves me from the smallest I can defeat
But without her support, I wouldn't witness the heroine she is.

My sister is the reflection I get when I look in the mirror
Sometimes she annoys me when her image imitate what I do
But without it, I wouldn't be able to see what wonderful sister I'm made out to be.

My sister is my very best friend
Sometimes we bump heads like to bulls and become enemies
But without a battle through our differences, we wouldn't be able to apologize and start over.

My sister's name is Kendell
She is their when I need her and even when I don't
But without her, my life would be rock solid; with her life is as sweet as the million dollar lotto.

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