Salt Water, Blanket, Your Heart?

March 30, 2008
Why must you weep?
I lay beside your lifeless body
the clock strikes a cold 5
I hear you crying, salt water
holding back the screams.
You tell me not to worry
ask why I can't sleep.
I pretend to close my eyes
perceive me as dreaming.
In contrast, I lay there
staring at the vacant wall
listening to your whimpers.
are they running for her?
me? you aren't my disappointment.
your smile looks so real
laying, cold air burns skin
if only it'd freeze time.
the big dipper never looked
so priceless, will it catch love?
Donnie Darko left me in confusion
you adored it though, intently
I observed it, planes and a bunny
sadly, it's all I gathered.
warmth, my human blanket
skin, soft comfort, chills.
I love you, I am still here.
share the mirror, no eyes
are needed with a toothbrush.
your insanity becomes truth
observations, my oblivious mind.
grasp on her, absent?
my mind believes otherwise.
the world is calling
ears closing the locked door.
deserving of better,
optic isn't seeing those colors.
grace I am searching,
fallen, beautifully landing.
insanity is drowning me
I claim it as my own.
accusation of murder,
don't stamp it on my heart.
the kiss, the Cure, the tears.
understanding, I desire to.
Why must you weep?

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