October 5, 2011
By Raincoat BRONZE, Delft, Other
Raincoat BRONZE, Delft, Other
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There is a poem I once read. You remind me of it. When my head rests upon your shoulder and my eyes wander upwards to meet yours; you remind me of it. Those long, luscious lashes that look down at me remind me of that poem. It spoke of eyelashes just like yours. Lashes like the wings of a bird. A bird rising, flying, landing. You remind me of it.
The way your eyes cringe when you smile, the way your lashes seem to point at me. Seem to invite me. Invite me into your head, your thoughts, your dreams. Make me a part of your life. Even if it is as small and secret as you wish it to be. Your lashes are great deceivers, making me believe that what we do is fine.
As long as your with me, as long as your lashes point at me encouragingly, I do not mind. Do not mind being your secret, do not mind you hiding me, hiding us. Just as long as your with me.
Warmth radiates from your face, a wonderful, captivating heat- I relish in it.
Your with me now, just now, I realise it won't be for much longer. I know I will deny myself this pleasure the next time. I have only seen you twice, perhaps I will never see you again here after. That would be wise. For when I look into your eyes and see those long, luscious lashes I know for sure that one day I will love you. And I also know it is strictly forbidden to do so.
You would never love me back, although now you do say you want to see me again and again. You would gain from seeing me, since I could never refuse you once in your presence. And I might gain from it too, for a while.
Until jealousy would seep in through the cracks of my heart. Jealousy and pain and hate. How could it not hurt- knowing that you would always love her more. How could I not hate myself for deceiving her. How could I not be jealous of all those people who can love in public, who do not have to hide.
I know this will come to an end- soon. But it is not over yet, you are mine for the next twenty minutes. And I will look into those beautiful eyes, touch those beautiful lips and stroke those beautiful cheeks. But most of all, I will remember those long, luscious lashes.

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