Love, Laugh, Smile

October 5, 2011
By , Tifton, GA

Nothing is like our relationship
The day that I will not love
Him, is the day the devil will be my hero
NEVER. He always can make me laugh
His heart is worth my tears, but he won’t make me cry.
I just can’t help but to smile.

His best feature is his smile.
His passion for our relationship,
Is just as big as mine. I will cry
The day we part. I’m in love
With his family. The thought of his dogs make me laugh
I love that Jesus is his hero

He is my hero
The result of his aid is my smile
He tickles me= I laugh
He hates my dog. They have a repulsive relationship
Everyone knows he’s my first love
Without him, I would cry

When my cat died, I cried
He’s my superman hero
He made me feel better which I love
His smile seems to make me smile
We have the best relationship
He’s silly. It makes me laugh

It’s his laugh
He never makes me cry
I love our relationship
He will always be my hero
I am in love with his smile
It’s our love

His laugh is my hero,
When I cry. That smile of his
Is what lures me into our
Relationship and love.

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