Breathing in

March 30, 2008
Breathing in the cold damp air
Feeling it freeze my bleeding heart
Wanting in but no way out
Taking in your every word feeding from with in
Healing my broken heart with every word you say
Hoping I take it in to learn right from wrong
Wanting to know more about you with every step we take
Telling me you love me shows me that you care
The times we have spent and the things we have said
The feelings have grown to be what they are now
You help me see the real me and help me become something I could never be
Making my life in to something I never thought it could be
Everything about you that I have come to know; I love
You are not perfect and I am glad you are not
Your imperfections make you who you are
The person that I fell for
I have come to realize that I love you more than I ever thought I could
It won't matter if you push me away
I will leave, although not completely
Always and forever...

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