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September 24, 2011
By riku548 SILVER, Springfield, Massachusetts
riku548 SILVER, Springfield, Massachusetts
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have fun XD

last night i had a dream ,
a dream not of man ,nor entity but of god,he said "one random act of kindness can change the world,that man was corrupt ,that we focus to much on money and power.that that people should care more bout others .if u See a homeless guy in need drive him to a shelter ,if u See a man in a wheel chair offer him a ride , and most importantly never cheat on Ur lover if it be man or woman ,black or white."and then i saw him Jesus and i woke up I wonder y baseball players live in big mansion and waste their money when they could give over 4 million to charity and keep about 2million for savings and rent.this is my dream a dream that could change the world

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i went to a church and met a guy named Scott ,i told him one random act of kindness can change the world and he smiled.. and whenn i was 3 my mom and dad(my dad was a Pasteur) when went to a drive Thur and a guy came and asked for food and my dad gave him all of the food we bought and not even one second went bye and the person was gone and the next day we got a blessing and got a 1000$ check in mail and my dad said that the person we saw was an angel

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