March 29, 2008
Little kids stumble a lot.
Big kids stumble a lot
I know your face like the back of my hand.
Who can really know a hand?
I’m stuffing the same thing in my ears.
It basically deafens everything else to
A quiet roar of whining.
You could say every word in and out of Webster’s,
But you’ll never convince me,
Of anything else.
Sam. Just Sam.
Slut red nails.
You know my life.
Flakes of snow hit my ski slope nose.
And I keep seeing you off in the distance
Climbing and climbing the blocks of white.
A razor sharp needle breaks my skin
And I fall, shaped like a fetus,
I curl up.
Beads of salt hit my cheeks.
Sam. Just Sam.
The roller coaster reached the top of infinity.
And now we are racin’ down,
Towards the pool where people discard their souls
Need one?
I took a trip to suburbia
It was nothing more than disturbia
Sam. Just Sam.
I’ll never ever be convinced
Of anything else.

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