This World

March 28, 2008
By Kearsten Sours, Mexia, TX

I look out across the ways
And see the sun rising from its sleep
The stars going out to bless another world
And I marvel at all there is
And all there has been
This world where we live,
Like a jewel hanging in the infinity of space,
Where rivers run wild and free,
Mountains grow toward the cloud-splattered sky
And the moon dictates to the sea, the tide.
Such a beautiful place,
So perfect... from a distance
The only blemish on this pristine canvas
Is humankind.
Yes, this earth of ours is immaculate,
But do not look too close,
For the rivers are rivers of blood
Flowing from the ever-growing mountains of dead
Dictated by man’s blind hate and senseless greed.

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