Have I Ever Told You

March 28, 2008
By Nelly Baylon, Richmond, CA

Have I ever told you baby
That you mean the world to me
And you know I'm gonna love you forever (forever)
Forever you and me
Have I ever told you baby (have I ever told you)
That your always on my mind
And you know I'm gonna love you forever
Until the end of time

You say you love me sexy boy and your down for me
And so I make this promise girl to always be you’re everything
Turn down the lights the music up and put your hand in mine
And let me show you boy these feelings that I hold inside
Never wanna be without you girl cause you're my pretty lady
I lose my mind every time; your kisses drive me crazy
So tell me baby, do you feel for me what I feel for you?
Do you love me girl like I love you?
Para siempre me and you

Hey pretty boy, you know I love you
Can't stop thinkin about you
Always and forever you and I will be together
The love I have for you, until I die, I will treasure
Every minute, every hour, can't stop thinkin of you
My days wont be complete without a smile from you
Hold my hand, understand, you're the light of my life
You're my girl, my friend, thats why I made you my wife

Now if Ive never said it, then I'ma says it now
In front of the whole world baby boy, I’m a say it proud
I'm still in love with you, even thru the things that we been thru
I can still smile, I can still say my heart belongs to only you now
I breathe and live for you and my kids
We been thru the rain, the love and the pain
Let our sun shine again
How do fairy tales end? Happily ever after
Forever I'ma be your girl

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