School of Colors

March 28, 2008
By Rucha Desai, Holmdel, NJ

I envy you
Your bright colors invite me to join,
The intriguing light from the distance casts a spell
A spell of colors
The annoying darts and flits come to a stop as I pass
I point my finger out to touch you
But you instantly disappear into your abode,
Frightened by my plead for friendship
I look out above me
Schools of fish glinting and glimmering as they pass the sunlight
Ever so gently
The glossy film coating the scales,
Shimmering, full of pride
I swim over to where a yellow one sits,
Picking at the coral,
The bottom of the sea flourishing with life
I swiftly move my hands and catch it,
Squirming to fight free of the prison
I let go and watch as the yellow fish stumbles, then hurries off
The sea is another place I know
One with many creatures
In every shape and size, color and texture
Like a warm inviting place with tales of the past
A discovery and adventure on its own,
Something new seen everyday
I swoosh past a sea turtle
Large yet elegant, its feet moving freely through the water
A mother fish swims by,
All of her children following, the mother gently coaxing them to go on
The sea is like a large family
With fathers and mothers,
Sisters and brothers
And that’s just the beginning

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